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What We Do

Organizations are groups of people working together towards a common goal.


We help build those organizations by bringing together those people who will work together in a way that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Some would call us recruiters, we would call ourselves much more…and in some ways much less.  We aren’t interested in building a list of names of people who might get sent to some job, in fact we don’t want to work with people who just want a job.  Likewise we don’t want to work with organizations (companies) who are just looking to operate.  We love working with people and companies who want to make something of themselves.  Who have goals and passions they wish to breathe into reality, and our connecting them won’t necessarily bring them to the destination, but it will be one step further.


These are the 3D animation interns looking to creating stunning CG films and looking to hone their skills and make some connections.  These are the seasoned engineers looking to make a change to eventually become partners in a firm.  These are the mothers working to improve their sales skills to afford to take their children traveling to see the world and experience things they never got to see, hear, and feel.  It’s all the people in the world with goals who want to be one step further forward tomorrow than they are today and can get there by connecting with other people who also have goals and can help each other.


Our mission is to grow organizations, because we believe the efforts of a group, though it starts with individuals, ultimately is what changes the world.  What does that mean?  And how do we do it?  The answer lies in the definition.


Groups of People – our business is about joining people together


Working together – there are plenty of cases where groups mean conflict, where less is achieved because there are more around, our goal is to facilitate the achievement of more with the addition of each one, where like the stones in a cathedral the whole is greater than the sum of the parts


Common goal – if anyone isn’t served, that is to say isn’t growing by being a part of this organization they should leave, they owe themselves and those around them the blessings derived from having everyone benefit…isn’t it true you work harder, happier, and better when what you’re doing benefits you as well as everyone else?


Finally, we measure our value by how much we help others increase their own.  How much will the value of an organization grow by having you there?  How much will your value grow by being there?  We always want to hear from you.  You’ll grow out of something and into something else, you’ll need to assess where you’re of greatest value and where is most valuable to you.  The right person today isn’t necessarily the right person tomorrow.  We work with you to find the right people and the right place.


Have you ever reflected back on a month, a year, a number of years and felt like you are in the same place as when you started?  How does that feel?  Our guess is you feel the same way we do when that happens…bad.


We believe in finding fulfillment, satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment in growth.  Even when maybe it seems petty or immaterial, the feeling of getting ahead of being further advanced today than you were yesterday, of growing is an amazing feeling, it really helps make it feel all worthwhile.


We also believe in doing so in a way that facilitates others doing so at the same time.  Have you ever helped someone learn something new?  Achieve a goal they set?  Build a new relationship?  It’s a great feeling isn’t it?


That’s what we’re about, helping people, organizations, and ideas grow mutually because nothing dampens the sense of achievement like knowing someone else lost out in the process, but the process of helping people grow is rewarding beyond measure


We accomplish this goal by connecting with people like you, learning about how you want to grow, and then creating connections to facilitate and accelerate that growth.


We provide recruitment services and expertise & infrastructure in the area of human resources to help accelerate your growth.  Connect with us!


What’s New?

We’re working aggressively on creating growth of our own, with all the opportunities out in the market today it’s hard not to be excited!  As part of this we’re focused on two key areas.


We’re recruiting for:

  • Trades (primarily machinists, welders, pipe fitters, sheet metal workers, industrial painters/sand blasters, & mechanics) Trades Apply Here
  • IT (primarily server techs, VB.NET & ASP.NET programmers, & web designers) IT Apply Here
  • Accountants (primarily junior accountants recently completed or almost completed a CMA or CGA)Finance/Accounting Apply Here
  • Sales People (mostly outside sales) Sales Apply Here

We’re actively seeking companies who:

  • Are struggling to find the right people (particularly in the fields of IT, & industrial manufacturing)
  • Are interested in improving their human resources functions to tie business objectives to human resources strategy to reach those objectives faster
  • Are struggling with high turnover, poor team performance, leadership & management

Please feel free to contact us if any of those areas are of interest to you, either at the respective web pages listed above or by email at if you’re not sure where to look.

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